July 28, 2016

For those of you not into exrtreme sports, the name Matilda Rapaport is probably unfamiliar to you. Rapaport was a pro skier, from Sweden, who Ubisoft had hired to film content for their upcoming extreme sports game, Steep.

Rapaport reportedly died in an avalanche yesterday while filming for Ubisoft  in the Andes mountains near Santiago, Chile. She was rushed to the hospital nearby and later pronounced dead from oxygen deprivation and brain damage. In a statement to GameSpot, Ubisoft call the skier’s untimely death a “tragic accident that has deeply touched us.”

No word on whether or not her death will affect the release of the game, Steep.

Rapaport was 30 years old.

Anyone who knows me knows what a PlayStation fan girl I am.

*rolls eyes at those who still think I’m a guy lol*

I love PlayStation and the PS4 is my go to console. Not that I don’t like Xbox – on the contrary – but PlayStation has always lead the charge for me on games. That being said, I cannot wait to get my hands on We Happy Few, coming to Xbox One July 26th.

The game reminds me of the Bioshock series and the gameplay I saw at the Microsoft press conference was fantastic. If you haven’t kept up to date on the game, check out the latest trailer and press conference gameplay here.

Bethesda has been holding closed beta’s for all of it’s Fallout 4 DLC’s. The latest, Mods, which is set to beta test on the PS4, has been delayed for no specific reason.

Bethesda posted this tweet early in the morning 6/29/16:


Needleless to say PS4 gamers everywhere (UM HELLO!!!!) were disappointed by this announcement. Not only for the implications on a beta version but what that may mean for the final console version which was set to release this summer may not release for a few months.