April 30, 2016

Activision has officially trademarked ‘Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’, which all but confirms the name of this year’s Call of Duty game.

Two trademarks for the unannounced game were filed with the trademark office this week. One trademark was for ‘Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’, and the ither was for ‘Infinite Warfare’.

Activision hasn’t formally announced this title buy we expect confirmation of this Nov. 2016 release very soon. Stay tuned!

– Maverick Gamers Staff

Amazon UK has posted a listing for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy – presumably this will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately the listing was quickly removed, which now begs the question: was that even a real thing?!

We think it was… Especially since Activision is expected to officially reveal the next Call of Duty title before next Tuesday. Stay tuned!



As reported by Sony yesterday, 10,000 copies of Naughty Dogs upcoming Uncharted 4 game were stolen – those copies have since turned up on eBay (and have been removed last we heard). Sony is working closely with police and high profile investigation is under way.

Uncharted 4 isn’t set to release until 5/10/16 and devs have asked Gamers to resist playing and leaking information until then if they happen to get one of those stolen copies.

Sony’s update from yesterday is available here:¬†http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/04/27/uncharted-4-update/

– SoccerMaverick15

New Year, New Site!

by Maverick on

Well hello again! In preparation for E3 and all-things-gaming we have decided to revamp our site! Stay tuned! More changes and MORE CONTENT coming soon!

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