About Us

Maverick Gamers began as a whim of one devoted gamer: SoccerMaverick15.

Tired of trying to find one source for gaming news and always talking about what she’d do differently, she decided to go “maverick” and create her own gaming news source. With an extensive background in gaming, business, and marketing, she launched her idea. Since 2014 Maverick Gamers News has been creating fresh and original video game and entertainment content. Look for us at E3, PAX,  TwitchCon, GDC, GamesBeat, GameStop Expo, PSX, ClexaCon, SDCC, Unity Days, etc. and so on… we’re really quite tired… and BROKE.

OH! We are always looking to expand Maverick Gamers News and bring in fresh talent, bloggers, reviews and ideas. This is a work in progress – please contact us if you are interested in contributing. Don’t be that guy… you know the one… “Oh, I could do such a better job that that writer, what an idiot…”… DO IT! We will give you a shot (and possibly free game codes and/or swag).


Since 2014