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A month ago we were sent a Cease and Desist from an attorney representing a company with a similar interest and business model within the gaming media community. The letter prevented us, temporarily, from releasing any new content on  After several private engagements, meetings and hiring our own attorney I’m happy to report that we will continue business as usual no later than June 1st, 2017 with new and regular content.

We want to thank everyone who reached out with inquiries re: on hold and missing content and reassure you that we are as solid as we ever now that we’ve overcome these recent hurdles. We look forward to bringing you new and engaging interviews, gaming and entertainment content including our new Film Series as well as in-depth coverage at E3 2017.

While we have generously agreed not to mention the other organization by name or the specifics of the BULLSHIT letter we received we will say this:

Hey, assholes… FUCK you.

Oh, and…

We’re back bitches.



Maverick Gamers

Hello fellow readers – you may have noticed we have been quiet with content for the last 2 weeks. We’ve been making all our plans and prepping for E3 2016 – accepting press invites, setting up demos, ordering swag to give away to you awesome people – and now that we are almost 100% done you should see new original content posting again!

Thanks for your patience and support!

– Maverick Gamers Staff

New Year, New Site!

by Maverick on

Well hello again! In preparation for E3 and all-things-gaming we have decided to revamp our site! Stay tuned! More changes and MORE CONTENT coming soon!

Want archived reviews? Check out our Tumblr page!

– SoccerMaverick15