Holy shit its fast. That’s the best way to start this review. I love trying out new VR games and holy hell this game did not disappoint! If you’re an adrenaline junkie then you should definitely pick up this game. From the moment our first race kicked off it’s just go-go-go.

Sprint Vector is the latest release from Survios and is available on PSVR, Steam and Oculus. The game is an online athletic competition – you pick 1 of 8 characters (we played Dakota the most) – called the Championship Intergalatica. The game is very much like the Olympics meets Running Man in space. The courses are cross-dimensional where you can jump, climb, drift, fling, and fly with Sprint Vector’s groundbreaking and proprietary Fluid Locomotion™ system. It’s an intuitive and comfortable method for achieving extreme speed and mobility in VR with minimal to no discomfort.

Watch the awesome launch trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyU5znzxugc

Here’s some info about the game:

3 Types of Play Modes – Single, Private and Multiplayer

21 Courses (Pharaoh’s Scrapyard was so much fun)

8-Player and Character Online Racing – Daxx, Cosmo, Hendrix, Luna, Kai, Dakota, Nikki and Piston

9 Power Up Types – Overdrive, Nitro, Chronoshift, Hornet Barrage (our fav), Compressor Mine, Impulse Shot, Crash Missile, Lag Mine and Prox Mine

3 Challenge Modes – Hardcore, Collection and Time Trials

We really enjoyed this game – it as nice to have the ability to race against 7 other random players as well as play it solo. The graphics are great and there are enough courses and game modes where the game didn’t ever get stale. If you like VR and racing games then definitely pick up a copy!

Buy it here:

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