Hi everyone! Welcome back to our Pride Profile series! In this new series we will be sharing profiles of people in the LGBTQIA community – actors/organizers/fans/gamers – because REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

Today we are featuring Jess Harris-DiStefano. Jess is a writer, producer and currently oversees Creator and Diversity Programming at YouTube Spaces. Jess is moderating several panels at ClexaCon, including Runaways, Lexa’s Legacy and Avalance. Jess is also co-hosting the Butch Representation: Invisible Media panel with our editor! Jess is an all-around awesome person!

We hope you enjoy this new series – AND getting to know Jess!

Jess Harris-DiStefano – Head of Creator & Diversity Programming, Spaces at YouTube

Maverick Gamers (MG): What’s your favorite TV series?

Jess Harris-DiStefano (JHD): Too many to list, but right now it’s a toss up between The Magicians, Killing Eve, and The Runaways

MG: Who is your ClexaCon dream guest?

JHD: Ellen Page

MG: What’s your favorite Ship?

JHD: Avalance

MG: What LGBTQIA moment/event in your lifetime has had the most influence on you?

JHD: The Supreme court ruling in favor of Edie Windsor. It not only was a huge milestone for LGBTQ+ rights within this country but also meant that my marriage to my wife was going to be federally recognized.

MG: When all is said and done, and the final chapter is written on your life, what is the most memorable thing you will have accomplished?

JHD: Having raised a strong, confident human being who is socially aware and always strives to do the right thing.

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