Greetings fellow gamers! We took a little break after the week of E3 and now are ready to put our thoughts on digital paper! Our first review? Why, Horizon Zero Dawn, of course!

We love Guerrilla Games. And we LOVED getting another look at HZD at E3. After hearing the sad new that the game had been pushed to Feb 28, 2017 we were eager to see the updated gameplay and footage in their E3 theater. It definitely did not disappoint. We got to see Aloy interact with AND ride a few new creatures – and look at different ways to craft as well as weapon types. And, no… don’t ask me the names of anything because I don’t remember what they were. They were very pretty though, LOL. 

We even go to play the game for about 10 minutes after the dev play through – I wish I could share pics and content but sadly we weren’t able to record anything while inside.

The open world environment is rich with many items to craft weapons as well as items you get from killing the creatures along the way. The combat is easy to dive into and the crafting actually reminded me of the new Tomb Raider or Far Cry crafting set up. During the demo play I ran around collecting resources and killing everything in sight in order to craft different arrows and sling shot ammo to see what effect they would have against my prey.

I already loved this game from the gameplay and cinematics I’ve seen but now even more so from getting hands on with it. I want more! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until the game comes out in 2017. *insert VERY sad face here*

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