In case you are not used to going to conventions, especially with thousands of people, we put this together for you as a handy reminder/cheat sheet. We hope it helps! See you at ClexaCon!

What to Bring

  • A bag – backpack or sling bag is a good idea, something lightweight and roomy, with a lot of pockets
  • Deodorant – Please bring it, use it and reapply it during the day. I know this seems like a silly or insulting suggestion but its #2 on our list for a reason
  • Gum/Breath mints – see bullet above
  • Cell phone
  • Camera – use your cell phone camera, saves weight. If you do bring a camera make sure you bring more than 1 battery and have them both charged
  • Portable Charger – something lightweight but powerful
  • Charging cable w/plug – because your portable charger will only get you so far – bring cables for your cell phone and camera batteries as well as any other electronics you may bring with you
  • Money – cash is easy and accepted at the coffee shops and restaurants, as are credit cards
  • Credit Card – because you must buy all tickets through – meet and greets, phot ops, etc. – they dont accept cash onsite for any of those events
  • ID – because you will get carded for booze and you will need it to pick up your ClexaCon pass.
  • Snacks – not everyone has a ton of cash and food onsite isn’t cheap. I suggest Power Bars or granola bars as well as a bottle of water that you can refill. The lines during lunchtime can also get quite long depending on where you go to eat.
  • Water – Stay hydrated! I cannot reiterate how incredibly important this is
  • Medication – if you are on medication of any type please make sure to bring it and take it as you would when you are at home. Please take care of yourselves – this includes self care
  • Self care – be sure to take time for your self if you are feeling overwhelmed, claustrophobic or tired. If you are in distress please find someone onsite and ask for help.
  • Networking Cards – if you’re trying to network re: a product you sell, or promote yourself as an artist, writer, etc. get yourself some nice networking cards aka business cards. Mine have my company name, email and all my social media links
  • Notepad and Pen – I know its not ecofriendly but not everyone takes notes electronically. Bring a small notepad and pen if you are one of those people who hates storing everything in your phone.
  • iPad vs. Laptop – I see a lot of people bring their laptops to conventions – I personally think the are heavy and bulky and unless you are press or need them for work an iPad does almost everything your laptop will do.
  • Sunscreen – we are going to be in Vegas and if you are going to go outside during the day you should definitely use it. Protect your skin!

What to Wear

  • Comfortable shoes – You are going to walk around SO much as well as stand in line for panels and events. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes or bring an extra pair to change into. You can get inexpensive inserts that cushion your feet, too – any drugstore sells these as well as Target and Walmart
  • Layers – ok, now I know some of you laughed at this. I mean, we are going to Vegas right? It’ll be 8 million degrees – why do I need layers? Well – the forecast calls for 80’s during the day but high 50’s/low 60’s at night. And there will be air conditioning in the main hall and panel rooms. Bring a hoodie or sweater just in case and definitely something in the evening if you plan to go out.

NOTE: Some people say dress up – I say who gives a fuck. Wear what your style is – t-shirt and jeans or skirt and dress – be you. You’re beautiful.

What to Do Right Now

  • If you are a last minute planner for the love of god book a hotel room now – the cheap rooms are probably gone but if budget is an issue and you dont mind staying offsite Vegas does have some good last minute hotel deals
  • DO NOT Book a rental car – unless you plan to drive out of the area. There generally wont be anywhere you want to go that Lyft/Uber/Taxi cant take you. And you dont want a DUI.
  • Review the exhibitors list and Panel schedule – decide who you want to see first and make a plan. There’s nothing worse than going to a convention to see something or meet someone and then realize you should have made a schedule for yourself. TRUST ME. And add time to go outside to your schedule – even if its just 10 minutes a day, get outside and breathe some fresh air.
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